When cooking on a charcoal barbecue grill, observe the following guidelines:


• Keep children safely away from the barbecue fire.
• NEVER use gasoline as a starter fluid or accelerant.
• After soaking your coals with lighter/starter fluid, wait a minute before lighting the coals. This allows the heavy concentration of explosive vapors to disperse.
• When using lighter/starter fluid, place the container well away from the grill before attempting to light the coals.
• Be careful not to spill any fluid on your clothing or in the area surrounding the grill.
• Wear an insulated, fire retardant barbecue mitt when lighting pre-soaked coals.
• Never add lighter/starter fluid to hot or even warm coals. An explosion can result.


Gas Grill – Propane Gas Grill (Outdoors)




• When using a gas grill, check all connections leading from the fuel source to the inlet connection of the grill for leaks. Never use a match, candle or flame source to check for a gas leak. A leak can be detected be spraying soapy water at the connections. If bubbles surface, there is a leak. SHUT TANK VALVE OFF and tighten connections. If the connections continue to leak, have a certified dealer check the grill before using it again.
• Open the valve only a quarter to one-half turn before lighting.
• Always shut off the valve to a fuel source when it is not in use.
• Never start a gas grill with the lid of the grill closed. The propane or natural gas may accumulate inside, and when ignited, could blow the lid off, causing injury.
• Have a BC type fire extinguisher located in the grilling area
• Always store full or empty propane tanks in a well-ventilated shed away from the house or any habitable structure.
• Always store propane bottles away from potential sources of flame such as furnaces, water heaters or any appliance with a pilot light.
• Wear tight-fitting or short-sleeved clothing while cooking on a grill.
• Keep children and pets away from grilling areas at all times.